Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Was Manic and Depressive. But Was He Also Manic-Depressive (i.e. Bipolar)?

The answer, it seems, is yes.

Poking around on the 'Net this morning, I came across this, an online Q&A with Williams from last year. About midway through, one fan tells him that his movie What Dreams May Come made her weep "like an emotionally disturbed infant." She then asks what he sees as the film's most valuable lesson. His reply:
That every moment in life is precious? That the gifts of your relationships with others, don't miss it?
Notice those question marks? Clearly, Williams knew what was most crucial in life and yet, perhaps because of his illness and his demons, he could not state it firmly, declaratively. To me, the question marks betoken that, even though he had an awareness of life's preciousness and an appreciation of the gift of others, he also knew that, ultimately, they could not--and would not--save him.

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