Friday, August 29, 2014

The Sandy Man Song

You can credit--or blame--Mark Steyn for this one:

Who can take a nation,
Make it buy his pitch?
Cover up the scandals
'Cuz the media's his bitch.
The Sandy Man.
The Sandy Man can.
The Sandy Man can
'Cuz he mixes it with race
And makes you folks feel bad.

Who can take the jihad
Divest it of Islam?
Never sweat the caliphate
'Cuz "strategy" is dumb.
The Sandy Man.
Oh, the Sandy can.
The Sandy Man can 'cuz he doesn't have a clue
And his worldview is askew.

The Sandy Man flails;

 Usually he fails.
Ask him 'bout the trade for Bergdahl.
He'll say, "Not another word y'all.
POTUS's is the preferred call."

 Who can take tomorrow
 Eff it up like mad?
 (Many years from now

We'll still be battle-ing jihad.)
The Sandy Man.
Oh, the Sandy Man can.
The Sandy Man can
'Cuz they fell for him--twice.
And now we're payin' the price...


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that I'll have to "blame" Steyn for this one. I must say that you both have a flair for the lyrical, and I was actually singing this with your lyrics as I read along. Cheers to you both!

scaramouche said...

Thanks, BI.