Saturday, December 27, 2014

Al Jazeera Kvetches About Infidel Media Coverage of Feats of Jihad (Including the Ones in Sydney and Ottawa)

Oh, put a sock in it already, A-J:
When news of the hostage taking in Sydney broke on December 15, 2014, reporters trying to cover the story were scrambling for scarce and valuable commodities: the facts.
Their coverage echoed what had happened in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, just a few weeks before. Both stories were about one armed man, acting alone – as opposed to as part of a wider conspiracy – and both stories were accompanied by news coverage that seemed disproportionate, both in editorial tone and in terms of volume. It was template journalism and the media were peddling the Islamic terror narrative.
Meanwhile Al Jazeera peddles the "no jihad to see here, folks, best move along now" narrative.

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