Friday, December 12, 2014

Khomeinist Rag Crescent Reports on Zionhass Confab

Party on, Zion-loathers:
As the Zionist state increasingly and openly reveals its criminal, apartheid nature, more and more citizens from around the world are waking up and standing in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for justice. Activists, academics, journalists, unions and ordinary people are confronting the lies of Zionist propaganda, rendering the Zionist narrative weak and its genocidal, colonial agenda opaque.

Rather than leaving the issues of justice, the return of Palestinian refugees, the release of Palestinian Political Prisoners from Zionist jails, the Palestinian just struggle for sovereignty, and ending the siege on the Palestinians of Gaza to institutions and governments, Palestinians and supporters take matters into their own hands, among other actions organizing conferences to share strategies and successes and build networks.

Over 80 delegates from around the world attended the Second “Global Convention of Solidarity With Palestine” in Beirut for two days of discussions (December 1-3), including delegates from Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Senegal, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, North America, Britain, Europe, Russia, Iran, among other nations. Notably, delegates from Gaza under siege and other areas of occupied Palestine were unable to make it to the conference due to the Zionist, and sadly the Egyptian, control of border crossings.

Special focus was put on the Zionists' summer massacre of Gaza and on the ongoing assaults on Palestinians in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the openly-admitted intent to Judaize Jerusalem and all of occupied Palestine...
"North America"? When did that become a country?

All in all, the two day confab sounds about as enjoyable as toenail fungus, even though I have it on good authority that the following bit of jihad karaoke--to the tune of a seasonal standard--made an appearance at the demented event:

In Iran if you're lookin'
Yellowcake is still cookin'.
They're making some nukes
Despite our rebukes
Building a Khomeinist arsenal.

They have gamed B. Obama
With their enrichin' drama.
You know "bombs away"
Is makin' their day,
Building a Khomeinist arsenal.

One fine day you know they'll go ballistic.
Drop a payload on the folks they hate.
That's the day we'll read a new statistic--
The millions who have met an awful fate.

Later on they'll conspire.
Talks go down to the wire.
They'll sing us a song
And string us along
Building a Khomeinist arsenal.

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