Friday, December 12, 2014

How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down In Canada After They've Succumbed to the Siren Call of JIhad?: An NDP Plan

Canadian lads--either "reverts" or Muslim-from-birth--running off to ISIS prose a real and present danger to Canada. One (clueless, foolish, not-up-to-speed-re-Islam-and-its- jihad-imperative) NDP MP thinks he knows how to put a stop to it:
NDP critic for public safety, Randall Garrison, said that one of the very things the NDP has advocated is outreach programs to prevent those who may be inclined to join terrorist groups from joining. 
“I understand he [ISIS propagandist Abu Anwar al-Canadi, birth name: plain old John Maguire] had been known to the RCMP and under some kind of surveillance or investigation for two years. But we’re still waiting on the outcome of that,” said Garrison. 
The NDP MP said that the broader issue is determining ways to prevent home grown terrorism. 
“We’ve advocated ways to counter those type of ideas, and that’s what’s really missing—an outreach from the government to the Muslim community but also to youth who are alienated,” he said.
 In other words, another feckless effort whereby infidels "reach out" to disaffected and/or adventure-seeking young'uns.

And that should work this time when it never has before because....?

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