Saturday, December 13, 2014

Swiping a Page From the Justin Trudeau "Jihad For Dhummies" Play Book, NATO Comnander Says West Must Address "Root Causes" of "Radicalism"

It is most disheartening that the military chief in charge of our defense, a chap with lots of fruit salad on his chest, hasn't got a clue about the jihad (a word he can't even bring himself to utter):
Until the causes of instability and radicalism in places such as Iraq and Syria are addressed, the West can expect to be engaged in foreign conflicts for a long time, NATO's top commander says. 
"This is a long-term, not a short-term, fight," Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, said in an interview on CBC Radio's The House.

"Until we have addressed the root causes of these kinds of issues, we can expect to have to deal with these kind of issues," he said, referring to the current U.S.-led mission against the jihadist group ISIS. 
Breedlove said the way to address these root causes is by focusing on bringing jobs, education, health and safety to vulnerable places, as well as figuring out how to make governments "responsive to their people."...
Tell me, General, would making the government "responsive to their people" have addressed the "root causes" of Nazism in Germany? Of course not. So what makes you think that your "root causes" approach is the way to defeat the implacable, megalomaniacal supremacists of our time?

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