Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Where's the Rolling Stone Investigation Into the ISIS Rape Culture (Which Includes the Buying and Selling of Sexual Slaves)?

It's nowheresville, of course, because "white privilege" isn't a factor. Fortunately, there's the Daily Mail to fill in the gaps:
Islamic State militants fighting in Syria and Iraq have been provided with a chilling list of dos and don'ts explaining how to treat the thousands of sex slaves held in the terror group's prison-brothels. 
A document issued earlier this month by the group's 'Department for Prisoners and Women's Affairs' explains in sickening detail exactly who can be made a sex slave, when a woman should be beaten, and under what circumstances it is justified to rape prepubescent girls. 
Up to 5,000 kidnapped women and children are held as sex slaves in the vast swathes of Syria and Iraq controlled by ISIS, many of them in the group's stronghold and de facto capital Raqqa. 
The vast majority of the captives are members of the Yazidi religion who were kidnapped during the Mount Sinjar massacre in early August. The rules state that these women can be imprisoned and raped on a daily basis by militants who purchase them as slaves for as little as £27 each... 

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