Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ottawa Imam Pens "Dear John" Letter to Ordinary Canadian Lad Who Ran Off to Join ISIS, Made a Propaganda Video for 'Em

Writing in the Glib & Mewl, the Ottawa imam tries to set the lad straight, claiming that Canada has made him (the imam) "a better Muslim":
Islam literally means a path that leads one to a state of completeness and wholeness, culminating in a state of social-awareness, self-awareness and divine awareness. True Islam nurtures vibrant minds and intellects, shapes inclusive and just societies and establishes progressive civilizations. The purpose of Islam is to unite, not divide; to nurture love, not breed hatred; to build, not destroy. Without justice and balance no civilization can thrive. 
Likewise, Shari’ah connotes a number of easy paths leading one to the source of fresh water – the foundation of all life. The source takes one from a narrow outlet, and gradually expands, from stream to river, to sea then to the vastness of the ocean. Thus, Shari’ah literally takes one from a narrow mentality and outlook, to a broad, inclusive and vibrant mindset. 
John, I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but you’ve been duped. You’ve been peddled an empty package.
Funny--that's kind of how I feel when I think about "multiculturalism." In any event, a good argument can be made that, going strictly by the jihad imperative and Islamic supremacism embedded in core Islamic texts, it's the ISIS guy who's on the right track and the imam who's been duped (and who's peddling something false and empty).

Incidentally, the entity formerly known as CAIR-CAN thought so highly of this piece that it posted it on its website.

Update: Meanwhile, over in Australia, another imam penned a "Dear Tony" letter.

Update: Too bad the Taliban never got the imam's "Islam is a vibrant ocean of inclusivity" memo.


Minicapt said...

The 'imam's' letter sounds like a whole lot of innovation, which might might not meet with the Prophet's complete approbation.


scaramouche said...

For sure. Then again, Islam's founder did say "war is deceit," so the letter might elicit approbation on that basis.