Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Ceeb's Ghomeshi Scandal: A Case Study in Leftist Hypocrisy/Paying Lip Service to "Respect in the Workplace"

Anne Kingston documents the rot and how it was able to fester:
On paper, the CBC appears a model of employer enlightenment and best practices. Posters offer help-line numbers to call if people feel stressed. All employees must complete an annual “Respect in the workplace” online course. A former executive enthuses about the level of employee support: “It seemed more proactive than other companies. Sexual harassment policies were clear. HR was very professional and complaints that came to my attention were handled thoroughly.” 
Such entrenched protocols allowed [Ceeb chief Hubert] Lacroix to boast to a parliamentary committee last year of the CBC’s robust system of training and policy, aimed at creating a safe work environment, and responding appropriately if incidents occur. In a rare interview, Lacroix told Radio-Canada that Ghomeshi shattered that: “This case raises concerns that our systems have not been enough, and that upsets us deeply." 
What Ghomeshi’s case illustrates isn’t that the systems were inadequate, but that they were, at best, irrelevant and, at worst, pernicious, because they allowed awful things to happen... 
Isn't that always the way--at Ceeb headquarters as well as in Rotherham? 

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