Tuesday, December 9, 2014

American Democrats' Selective Transparency Set to Do a Great Deal of Harm

In a couple of hours, the Senate Democrats plan to release their doorstooper of a report detailing CIA overreach in the torture department. Said to cost $50 million to research and write, the report is being released in the name of--get this--"transparency." Which is pretty rich when you consider how many measures the current White House administration, which avowed a commitment to clarity early on, has turned out to be one of the least "transparent" presidencies in history.

Was there transparency when it came to Fast and Furious?: Nope.

How about re Obamacare?: Don't be silly. They had to lie to get the behemoth past the "stupid American voters." "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period?" Yeah, that one was about as "transparent" as sludge.

How about the Benghazi debacle. Anyone espy the least bit of "transparency" there?

And what about the non-transparency surrounding Obama's recent executive action re illegal immigrants. Arguably, the only transparency there was that Obama's pre-action promise not to act because, after all, he isn't the Emperor, were transparent falsehoods.

But this--this!--is what the Democrats are determined to be "transparent" about, i.e. being mean to jihadi terrorists whose habibis had already pulled off the 9/11 attacks? A "transparency" that places American operatives around the world in grave risk for no good reason but the perversity and bloody-mindedness of Senate Democrats who are about to say buh-bye to their majority status in that chamber?

Sounds like a transparent case of sour grapes to me. And if any Americans end up getting killed because of this report, it should be clear to all that their blood will be on the hands of Sen. Diane Feinstein and her fellow Democratic Savonarolas; that they have draped themselves in the mantle of virtuousness should in no way excuse their doing something so transparently harmful to American interests and personnel around the world.

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