Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Description of "Islamophobia" Session at Upcoming Reviving the Islamic Spirit Confab Incorporates the Usual Zionhass (Ironically Enough)

What would a RIS conference be without the usual Victims-R-Us/Israel sucks spin? This is the description of one of the sessions:
Code Red: Taking Islamophobia Seriously  
Recent polls show that more than two-thirds of Westerners don’t like Islam and are wary of Muslims. While this trend is alarming, it should not surprise us. A well-greased anti-Islam machine has been churning out Islamophobic material for decades and with increasingly vicious and effective methods. The recent rise of ISIS in the Middle East and constant news cycles that focus on Westerners about to be beheaded have provided much grist for the media mill of Islamophobia. Hamas shoots rockets into Israeli territory that when compared to Israeli weaponry is comparable to shooting firecrackers, and the response is disproportionately harsh – “shock and awe” – leaving many Palestinians dead or injured and countless without homes, water, schools, and basic infrastructure. With the increasing hatred toward Islam and Muslims, it is even harder to get people to sympathize with the Palestinians. These problems affect us all, both here and abroad. Recently, one imam declared the situation “code red,” a medical term for a life-threatening emergency. What steps can we take to redress the distorted image of Islam in the minds of so many people? Muslims themselves are conflicted: do we repeatedly denounce every evil that is done in our religion’s name, or do we try and reframe the public discourse to focus on the wrongs that have brought about many of the crises? With so many Muslim countries spiraling out of control, this only adds more fuel to the Islamophobic fire. What should be done? What can we actively do to help mitigate the crisis and make more people understand that the enemy is not Islam but the ignorance of Islam?
The enemy is the jihad imperative that serves the aims and ends of Islamic supremacism. Until they're prepared to admit that truth--and there isn't a hope in Hades of that happening at the moment--it is clear there is nothing they "actively can do to mitigate the crisis."

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