Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Sickening Incubator of Global Israel-Hate/Jew-Hate: The UN's Odious "Human Rights" Body

In light of the "human rights" racket's ongoing infamy, Anne Bayefsky writes what amounts to a J'accuse:
Picture these real-life scenes: 
In Geneva’s grand U.N. “Human Rights” Council chamber, 750 people assembled, pounced on the Jewish state, broadcast the spectacle online, and produced hundreds of articles and interviews in dozens of languages championing the results. 
On the ground, Israelis are being hacked to death on the streets, stabbed in buses, slaughtered in synagogues, mowed down with automobiles, and shot in front of their children. 
At the New York’s UN headquarters, 8,100 NGO representatives gathered from all corners of the globe, in addition to government delegates, and watched the weight of the entire world of women’s rights descended on only one country. 
On the ground, Palestinian women are murdered and subjugated for the sake of male honor, Saudi women can’t drive, Iranian women are stoned to death for so-called “adultery,” Egyptian women have their genitals mutilated and Sudanese women give birth in prison with their legs shackled for being Christian. 
Isn’t it about time that people stopped calling the U.N. a harmless international salon or a bad joke?
You bet it is, Anne. The only consolation here is the knowledge that, eventually, Jew-hate destroys its host. The question, though, is whether or not Israel will still be around when the implosion occurs.

Meanwhile, over in Sunny Boy Trudeau's Canada, the man tapped as a successor to Special Rapporteur Richard Falk is fighting mad--and fighting back--after aspersions were cast on his reputation:
The awkwardly named position of United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, has always been controversial. 
The past one, Makaram Wibisono, an Indonesian former diplomat, quit earlier this year, saying he failed in his mandate because Israel declined to give him access to the Palestinian territories. His predecessor was Richard Falk, who was widely criticized for anti-Israel extremism. 
Now, the office is beset with a curiously Canadian scandal, thanks to the swift condemnation of Michael Lynk, the new Canadian appointee, by Stéphane Dion, Canada’s Foreign Minister, arguably on spurious grounds. 
Lynk, a professor of law at Western University in London, Ont., defended himself on Monday, saying he has been unfairly attacked with “snippets” of his writings and speeches taken deliberately out of context. 
Here's Christine Williams, writing on the Jihad Watch site, supplying "context" for Lynk's appointment:
Lynk brings to the UN Human Rights Council an extensive history of anti-Israel activism. He has taken a leadership role in Arab lobby groups, including CEPAL (Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange), for which he sits on their advisory board. CEPAL promotes Israel Apartheid Week and Boycott and Divestment drives, calls for Israel’s prosecution for “war crimes,” and has featured the infamous Norm Finkelstein at one of its conferences. Finkelstein has been quoted in Haaretz for the bizarre statements he has made: that “nobody really defends Israel anymore” and “if you go on college campuses, there are some Hillel faithfuls who are bringing an IDF soldier to try to explain that not all IDF soldiers are war criminals.” He also declares that Israel has “lost the battle for public opinion” and arrogantly predicts that “once support for Israeli policy becomes widely unacceptable in the United States, the ‘self-designated voices for Israel,’ as he calls them, will quickly drop out.” Finkelstein once justified Palestinian violence, stating that “international law says people fighting for self-determination can use force in order to achieve their independence.” 
In accordance with the aggressive anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activism that emanates from CEPAL, UN Watch reported that Michael Lynk has supported the elimination of Israel in “One State” conferences and has stated odiously that “the solution” dates back to 1948, to which he refers as “the start of ethnic cleansing” by Israel when it was founded. One need only take a glance back in history to recognize that the British Partition Plan favored the Arabs in designating a small strip of land to Israel, in its aim to create independent Arab and Jewish States. Yet Israel was attacked by five Arab States seeking its obliteration from its birth, and is still forced to defend itself against annihilation and terrorist attacks against its citizens today. 
Lynk’s discreditable and influential appointment directly empowers his ambitions to delegitimize Israel and ultimately to aid Israel’s enemies, which seek to destroy it. Yet Lynk’s menacing views do not stop at unjustifiably bashing Israel — the only country that exemplifies human rights in the Middle East. UN Watch also reported that Lynk blamed the 9/11 attacks on Western nations, prompting it to publish in a statement referring to Brussels: “one day after Islamists murdered and maimed hundreds in the heart of Europe, the UN’s appointment of someone who instinctively blames such attacks on the alleged crimes of Western nations sends absolutely the worst message, at the worst time.”
Indeed. So while Lynk protests that "some of his views are shared by the United Nations and Amnesty International''--what a joke!--and considers his appointment to be an "honour"--how revolting!--Ms. Williams explains why this "human rights" body is so heinous and so ill-equipped to pass judgment on Israel (or, for that matter, on any other democracy):
Among the UN Human Rights Council are some of the basest human rights abusers: Saudi Arabia (which still stones women and sanctions beheadings and cutting off of hands), Cuba (which imposes arbitrary imprisonments, extrajudicial executions, and limits on freedom of expression), China (which enforces detention without trial, surveillance, house arrests, and imprisonment of human rights defenders), Nigeria (plagued by inter-communal conflict, abuses and murder of Christians and minorities in the north by the jihadist group Boko Haram and human rights violations by the Nigerian security forces).
Being named UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine--yeah, that's some big "honour." It's right up (or, rather, down) there with being named, say, head of Saudi Arabia's Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (which, when you think about it, is a perfect name for the UN's Arab/Muslim-dominated "human rights" racket).

Update: In his parting shot, Lynk's predecessor, Makarim Winesobo (which happens to be my new favorite name), knew exactly who to blame for the rise in Palestinian violence against Jews--Israel, and its "illegal occupation."

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