Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Now That the Syrians Are Here, What Is the Trudeau Gov't Doing to Defang Their Zionhass?

The jihadist rantings of a Muslim Israel-hater in a Windsor, Ontario newspaper prompts the head of Canadian B'nai Brith to raise a pointed and crucial question:
He [BB chief Michael Mostyn] said the matter raises questions about the kind of training 25,000 Syrian refugees are receiving in Canada. 
Certainly we would like to see something across the board to ensure that the Syrian refugees that are coming to Canada are being provided proper messages of tolerance and freedom and multiculturalism that we would all expect.”
Fat chance. Last week I heard security and counterterrorism expert Tom Quiqqin tell the crowd that had gathered at a synagogue just north of Toronto that the Canadian government is doing rien, nada, bupkis--which is to say plenty o' nuthin'--to educate Syrian refugees in these salient Canadian values.

Thus, you can expert more than a few of them to retain the values they inculcated back in Syria, ones that will likely ensure their participation in local Israel-hate efforts (including, no doubt, the Ayatollah's annual Let's All Hate Israel event at Queen's Park).

Update: A Thornhill synagogue is partnering with the Shia mosque next door to sponsor Syrians (because "tikkun olam" makes you stoopid).

Update: In this video, the mosque is described/decried as "an Islamic Centre affiliated with the Islamic Regime in Iran, a dictatorship that oppressed, raped, tortured and executed its people for the past 32 years..."

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