Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Story No One Seems to Be Covering: Publisher of Arab Newspaper In Windsor, Ont. Who Called For Violent Jihad Against Israel Also Taught "Life Skills" to Syrian Refugees

In journalism school back in the day, that's what they called "burying the lede" (which I have now excavated--in bolds):
WINDSOR – A local publisher of an Arabic language newspaper has been suspended on unpaid leave from the Windsor multicultural council for allegedly calling for violent jihad against Israel. 
The issue was brought to light by B’nai Brith Canada, which received a tip on its anti-hate hotline about Mohamad Hisham Khalifeh, founder and publisher of the Al Forqan newspaper. 
Windsor police have also launched an investigation. 
Khalifeh was working as a life skills coach with newly arrived immigrants, including Syrian refugees. 
Kathleen Thomas, executive director of the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County, said Khalifeh was suspended once the charges appeared in local media. “We immediately took action and placed the individual under unpaid investigative suspension, until we conduct an investigation into the matter,” she said. 
Khalifeh was nearing the end of a three-month contract as a life skills worker. Asked if he was associated with the council prior to the hiring, Thomas said “not as an employee.”
B’nai Brith has called for improved vetting of people working with newly arrived immigrants. ...
Read my lips: it's never going to happen. Not in a Trudeaupian Canada lost in the comforting but deadly fog of multiculi delusion.

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