Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our 'Genius' P.M. (He's a Male 'Feminist,' Don't Ya Know) Seeks To Inspire on International Women's Day

Found this snippet in TIME:
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote in the Globe and Mail celebrating the strides “taken toward gender equality” and advocating for more work to be done. 
“Every day, I meet incredible women who inspire me to be a better feminist and a better person. Women can do (and be) anything they want. But powerful cultural change cannot happen when only half of the population works toward that change. Men need to act, set examples and be role models” writes Trudeau in the Globe and Mail.
I'm not sure what sort of "powerful cultural change" he's referring to, but he would do well to direct his words of inspiration at those recent arrivals who come from societies suffused with misogyny and where the primacy of men is a given.

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