Thursday, March 24, 2016


Mark Steyn riffs on a reader's idea of opening a PR/advertising agency to help "Imagine"-minded infidels deal with the aftermath of terrorist attacks:
Want an avatar but you're unsure about the tricolor of whichever European country's been bombed today? Need a quickie illustration of Tintin, Manekin Pis, Asterix, Topo Gigio, the Little Mermaid, the blondes from Abba, etc, with their heads at an angle and a tear running down? Maybe a Belgian chocolate melting from a broken heart, or a frite in mayonnaise tinged with regret? How about the all-in-one hashtag that instantly updates to each new slaughter? #JeSuisParis, #JeSuisBruxelles, #JeSuisYourTownHere! Call Sad-Mart, the one-stop shop for all your useless solidarity gestures! #NousSommesEverywhere!
I blame it on the madness--the communal hollering and wallowing--that followed Princess Diana's death.

That and a pathological ignorance re history, Islamic supremacism and the jihad imperative as set out in Islam's core holy texts, of course.

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