Sunday, March 6, 2016

Oxford U. Labour Club Members Do Their Best to Mimic Hitlerjungend

This John Cleese video goes out to all the campus Jew-haters who took part in this obnoxiousness:
According to evidence seen by the Sunday Times, members of the Oxford University Labour Club allegedly condoned the antisemitic attacks on synagogues in Paris in 2014 and mocked the Jewish mourners and victims of the 2015 Paris supermarket attack when the funerals were on television. 
A report of an inquiry into alleged Jew-hate at the Labour Club claims that some members allegedly displayed “poisonous” antisemitic attitudes. 
The report was completed 10 days ago, but there have been no moves as yet to discipline any of the students over the allegations.  
Witnesses of the inquiry, who spoke to the Sunday Times, also alleged that members of the club had called Jewish students “Zios”, sung a song about rockets over Tel Aviv and called Auschwitz “a cash cow”. 
Jewish students at Oxford have accused Labour of a cover-up. One told the Times: “It is absolutely appalling that the party is trying to cover this up. There has been a long and proud tradition of centre-left Jews in the Labour party and that is being lost for a generation.”
Such charmers! So thrilled to know that soon enough these "best and brightest" will be running things in Old Blighty.

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