Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lame Liberal Effort to Counter Generic Radicalization Doomed By Its PCness

As hot-headed holy warriors continue to go about their bloody business, the Trudeau government has earmarked big bucks to counter some non-specific extremism via the creation of a brand new bureaucracy:
The federal government, in its 2016 budget announced Tuesday, allocated $35 million over five years to create the Office of the Community Outreach and Counter-radicalization coordinator. 
[University of Calgary poli-sci prof Michael] Zekulin said counter-radicalization efforts won’t stop young Canadians from joining terrorist groups, but it could minimize the number of individuals going down the radicalized road. 
He said setting up the Office is “the right way forward,” but its announcement is rather “generic” and the government doesn’t really lay out any clear plans as to how it will actually work with community and law enforcement stakeholders to counter radicalism. 
“The devil’s in the details,” Zekulin said.
No, the devil's in the jihad. And if you aren't prepared to name the actual threat, that's where the devil will stay--and we infidels will pay the price for the unwillingness of our squishy-squashy authorities to "go there." (Justin Trudeau, for example, won't go there--he thinks we're in a "fight," not a "war," against ISIS, as if we've had a minor squabble that will soon be resolved.)

Want confirmation that Justin Trudeau and his rainbows 'n' unicorns gang are on the wrong track? Here it is--the Islamist entity formerly known as CAIR-CAN gives the government's measures its full-throated approval.

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