Thursday, March 24, 2016

Brooks Brother

The news that 200 Syrian refugees being billeted at various hotels in Hamilton, Ontario were sent packing to make room for Garth Brooks fans inspired the following:

Justin Trudeau sings:

Blame it all on my roots,
My bad case of the cutes,
They put me where I am today.
I love refugees.
Want more of 'em, please.
Old Angela helped pave the way.
They'll love it here,
And there's no need to fear,
That they'll bring their hatefulness, 'kay?
'Cause I want loads of new voters
Who will be a bunch of Trudeau doters.
Full of gratitude
But no attitude.
I'm a refugee promoter.
Got a heavy burden? I'll be your toter.
'Cause I want loads of new voters...

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