Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Are You Ready For the Left's Latest "Victim" Group?

It's pedophiles.

Expect to hear "pedophiliaphobia" condemned by the grudge/grievance industry (which is running out of ever more outré groups to champion).


Carlos Perera said...

Actually, this has been in the works for a while now, at least since Kinsey's "research" of the 1940s purported to show that wanting to diddle children was just a another "variant" of human sexual behavior, one which, wouldn't you know, can actually be a _good_ thing for the children involved.

Like an army probing for weaknesses, the Cultural Marxists who seek what historian-philosopher Gertrude Himmelfarb (Mrs. Irving Kristol) termed the de-moralization of the West have been trying to break through on that front of the Culture Wars for some decades now. Scaramouche might remember that the much-maligned Dr. Laura Schlessinger led a successful counterattack against the offensive--a particularly apt word in this context, I think--the pediophiliaphiles launched in the early-mid-nineties to normalize this ugliest of sexual perversions. But they never went away. Like their pervert brothers-in-arms in the LGBT . . .etc. movement, who simply fell back and regrouped whenever they were defeated in their attempt to "normalize" their predilect perversions, the pedophiles and their supporters in mental health professions have been busily working backstage to erode moral and professional opposition to one of the few remaining perversions that is still met with open disgust by the overwhelming majority of the public.

The pediophiliaphiles even have a core group of mental health professionals, centered on the prestigious Johns Hopkins University her in the States, called B4UACT pushing for a non-judgmental approach to the perversion. They have--and have had for some time--a website, dedicated to the de-stigmatization of pedophilia . . . all for the sake of making the world safer for children, of course.

So, yeah, we are much further along the way to total moral dissolution than most people realize.

scaramouche said...

Absolutely. And after pedophilia is normalized, incest and bestiality (sanitized as "zoophilia") are next on the list.