Sunday, March 13, 2016

Interfaithy Islamist's Bafflegab Tries (and Fails) to Disguise the Religious Nature of Jihad

It is in the interest of Islamist "interfaith" purveyors to purvey the fiction that violent jihad is un-Islamic (when the truth is that it's the linchpin--the spark plug--of the faith). Hence this outrageous, and unintentionally comical, display of doubletalk:
Muneeb Nasir, Executive Director of the Cordoba Centre for Civic Engagement and Leadership speaks about on why religiously motivated violence is not condoned. 
“Most violence, conflicts and wars have nothing to do with religion whatsoever,” says Muneeb Nasir. “They are about power, territory, and glory, things that are secular, even profane.”
Most violence, perhaps, though not, of course, the sort associated with jihad, which, pace Nasir, has everything to do with religion and its power, territory and glory.

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