Thursday, March 10, 2016

Toronto Star Op-Ed Piece Flags "Real" Threat--And It Isn't Tens of Thousands of Israel-Hating Syrians

The "real" threat, as every good "progressive" knows, lies elsewhere:
A 2016 study by academics Barbara Perry and Ryan Scrivens found that right-wing extremism in Canada is “more extensive and more active than public rhetoric would suggest,” comprising at least 100 active groups — many of which are linked to like-minded European and American organizations. 
In a secret briefing last September, CSIS flagged Canada’s burgeoning anti-Islam and anti-immigrant movement as a security threat. And according to the Chief of the Sûreté du Québec’s Division of Investigations on Extremist Threats, the majority of the service’s active files deal with the extreme right. However, Canadian security agencies have been far more publicly vocal about the dangers of “Islamist terrorism” — lending state legitimacy to the narrative of Muslim threat driving anti-immigrant activism.
To the Toronto Star, all Syrian refugees are non-threatening and adorable, and everyone on the right is ipso facto "extreme."

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