Sunday, May 8, 2016

Caroline Glick On the Labour Party's "Longest Hatred"

Britain's Labour Party has been a hospitable home for Jew-haters for quite some time. So why is the party's Jew-hate suddenly making the headlines?

As Caroline Glick sees it, the reason for that is twofold. First, it's because a genuine Jew-hater, Jeremy Corbyn, has taken the helm. Second, it's because, in the wake of Corbyn's elevation, Labour Party members have gotten sloppy and broken with the British tradition--harbouring a tacit hatred of Jews that lurks just below the surface but that it is impolite to give voice to in a full-throated manner. Unless, of course, one can slang Jewry under the guise of "criticizing" Israel (my bolds):
As far as the British polite classes are concerned, an anti-Semite remains someone who hates Jews more than is absolutely necessary.

[Labour M.P. Naz] Shah crossed the line when she called for the mass expulsion of Israelis to America. Livingstone revealed that he hates Jews more than is absolutely necessary when, rushing to Shah’s defense, he insisted that Hitler was a Zionist.

The two senior Labor politicians’ hateful remarks exposed the dirty secret of leftist Jew-haters in Britain and throughout the Western world.

They revealed that their hatred for the State of Israel is just a dressed-up version of age-old Jew-hatred. For more than a generation, we have been told that libeling IDF soldiers and Israeli political leaders as Nazis is legitimate criticism of Israel. Boycotting Jewish-made Israeli products, the Western Left insists, isn’t racist. It is simply a means to protest Israel’s ill treatment of Palestinians.

But here you have two leftist politicians who spoke like Nazis and defended Hitler. And that was just a bridge too far, even for the BBC that generally backs their libelous claims against Israel.
I would express the bolded line a bit differently. It's not that Israel-hate is "just a dressed-up version" of age-old Jew-hate. Israel-hate (or Zionhass, my coinage) is the Jew-hate of all time, and all the more pernicious because it can be tarted up as mere "criticism."

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