Friday, May 20, 2016

Decades in the Making, Multi-Million Dollar "Palestine" Museum Finally Opens in Bethlehem--But There's Nothing In It

You'll forgive me if I see something of a metaphor here--mega-bucks poured into an empty shell of a cause.

Since the walls of the edifice remain bare, here are few suggested exhibits:

1. Those keys, the ones they hope to employ once they "return" to homes hastily vacated in '48; the ones they have turned into objects of veneration.

2. Semtex vests--crude implements of jihadi terrorism, yes, but also a fashion statement and an example of Palestinian "ingenuity"/"industry". (If Israel is a "start up nation," "Palestine" is a blow up one.)

3. The "artwork" of Ahmad Al Abib, whose brightly coloured and poorly rendered agit-prop mural continues to make a statement at the York University student centre.
A mural that hangs at York University called Palestinian Roots by Ahmad Al Abid

4. Farfour Mouse--what Disney's Mickey or Henson's Elmo might have been had they grown up in a place where pathological Jew-hate was in mama's milk (and imams' sermons).

5. The UNRWA room. What would "Palestine" be without the UN agency that's bound and determined to maintain 'em in a permanent state of misery and victimhood?

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Harold said...

The Palestinian Museum of things that never happened to a people who never existed.