Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jordan's FM Tries to Put the Israel-Palestinian Thingy in the Forefront Again

What he has going against him, however, is that, in the age of ISIS, this is apt to be a much tougher sell:
Jordan's foreign minister says that Palestinian statehood is the most important issue now facing the world and that it fuels extremism gripping the Mideast. 
Nasser Judeh made the comment on Tuesday at the Arab Media Forum in Dubai.
Judeh says the "Palestinian cause represents the essence of the conflicts and crises in the region." 
He added that "every day of delay where the international community does not exert pressure toward reaching a fair and just settlement of the Palestinian cause will lead to another day of darkness where the forces of extremism and terrorism can act. Then humanity as a whole will pay the price." 
Peace talks between Israel and Palestinian authorities on a two-state solution have stalled. Israel's Foreign Ministry declined to comment on Judeh's remarks.
To be clear, there is no two-state solution. There's an either-or proposition: there can either be an Israel or a Palestine, and it is a deranged fantasy to believe there can be both. And the only reason this Muslim Arab is harping on the centrality of the conflict is because he's a follower of Islamic doctrine, which is supremacist in nature, and which is therefore at odds with the very existence of a sovereign Jewish state on land claimed in perpetuity for "superior" Islam. Also, if he can get the world to focus on "the Israel problem," he can divert attention away from the world's jihad problem and the central role that Islamic doctrine plays in it.

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