Friday, May 20, 2016

In What Alternative Universe Is Bernie Sanders "Pro-Israel"?

In the Through the Looking Glass pages of the Washington Post, that's where.

And that's where you'll find this wackiness:
The only Jewish candidate in the 2016 presidential race, who calls himself "100 percent pro-Israel," and one of Israel's strongest U.S. defenders are nearing a fight over what being a pro-Israel Democrat means. 
Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont plans to push for revisions in the Democratic Party position about relations with Israel, with a focus on elevating Palestinian rights as a U.S. priority. People involved in discussions over potential changes to the Democratic Party's platform said Sanders would demand revisions in wording about U.S. relations with Israel and commitment to seeking peace between the U.S. ally and the Palestinians.
The proposed new language on Israel has not been submitted to the Democratic National Committee but is expected to seek what Sanders has elsewhere called a more even-handed U.S. approach to Israeli occupation of land Palestinians claim for a future state...
Wow, that's so "100 percent pro-Israel" that I bet the Ayatollah could get on board with it.

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