Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Poetic" Injustice: The Trudeau Government's "We Vetted Syrian Refugees Via 'Biometrics'" Scam

We've been assured again and again that all the Syrian refugees who've arrived in Canada--and to date there are more than 25,000 of 'em--have undergone a thorough vetting by Canadian officials.

What kind of thorough vetting?

According to Trudeau's immigration factotum, John McCallum, government-sponsored refugees have been scrutinized via "biometrics"--retinal scans and the like--to ensure that their info isn't on an American data base of potential terrorists.

However, as Jonathan Halevi points out, most of these evacuees have never been on an airplane before, which means that their biometrics have likely never been recorded.

So, biometrics aside, how do we know that these folks don't harbour any jihadi/supremacist sentiments?

Apparently, we don't. Apparently, we're letting them in based almost entirely on a leap of faith--ours, not theirs.

Frighteningly, the Liberals' modus operandi here seems in keeping with the final lines of W.H. Auden's tribute to the over-"examined" and yet entirely "Unknown Citizen":
Was he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd:
Had anything been wrong, we should certainly have heard.

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