Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TSA Head of Security Who Received Performance Bonuses Gets the Boot for 'Mismanagement'

File this one under "Nice Work If You Can Get It":
The Transportation Security Administration's head of security has been removed from his post amid an uproar over long lines at airport security checkpoints and intense scrutiny over bonuses payments. 
"Kelly Hoggan has been removed from his position as head of security at TSA, following our hearing on May 12 on mismanagement at TSA," the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform posted on its Twitter account. 
Some lawmakers blasted TSA at the hearing for giving Hoggan $90,000 in bonuses at a time when watchdog tests revealed screeners routinely failed to find weapons at checkpoints. The hearing was one in a series where whistleblowers denounced the agency for rewarding top officials with large bonuses while retaliating against workers who complained about the unfair practices...
Considering the 3-hour long security lineups that now face travelers at some airports, it should really be called the TIA--the Transportation Insanity Administration. And it's the head of the racket--and not this underling--who should be fired.

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