Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Delusion On Stilts: New Taliban Chief More Likely to Make "Peace"

Anyone really believe this?:
(CNN)The Afghan Taliban's new leader is an educated and well-respected member of the organization who could prove easier to negotiate a peace settlement with, a founding member of the group tells CNN. 
"Educated" and "well-respected," eh?

Big whoop.

"Educated" and "well-respected" are pretty much part of the job description for any jihadi bigwig.

Osama bin Laden was "educated" and "well-respected."

So's the Ayatollah Khamenei.

Then there's the pesky matter of defining "peace." The concept as an "educated" and "well-respected" jihadi leader understands it--as total capitulation/submission to the most draconian interpretation of Islamic law--is not the sort of "peace" that any non-Muslim supremacism would want to live with.

It's astonishing--and not in a good way--that most of the infidel media, including CNN, have yet to figure that out.

Update: Meet the new Taliban leader--same as the old Taliban leader.

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