Friday, May 13, 2016

"This Is a Very Worrying Scenario for Canada"

An Edmonton imam is garnering some notoriety for preaching that Jerusalem "must be reclaimed through blood." Such statements should come as no great surprise, though, since this imam has apparently been bloviating in this supremacist manner for some time. He was mentioned by name, in fact, in an editorial that appeared in the New Delhi Times:
An Imam from Edmonton, Alberta Shaban Sherif Mady from Egypt was exposed on Canadian TV as a radical priest who showed his support for Muslim Brotherhood, he declared his support for mujahideens at the end of his sermon. 
He later wanted an apology for calling him radical but the fact remains that his sermon was propagating violence. He had an audience of young men who were listening to him with rapture; this is a very worrying scenario for Canada.
One hopes he's on CSIS's radar--but in Justin's Trudeaupia I wouldn't count on it.

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