Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Dog Bites Man" Story Du Jour

The story: Jeremy Corbyn, big time Israel-hater, once sponsored an anti-Israel conference.

At the 1984 gathering, attendees were
informed that the Labour Movement Campaign for Palestine “will fight within the Labour Movement — and the Labour Party in particular — to eradicate Zionism”. 
Among the organisation’s pledges to conference participants were “opposition to the Zionist state as racist, exclusivist, expansionist and a direct agency of imperialism,” as well as “opposition to the manifestation of Zionism in the Labour Movement and the Labour Party in particular.”
A left-wing ideologue who despises Israel and embraces the Palestinian cause?

Quel snoozeroo!

A left-wing ideologue who diverges from his confreres by championing Israel and rejecting the Palestinian narrative--now, that would have been big news.

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