Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Toronto District School Board Celebrates Jewish Heritage Month With "Tikkun Olam" Social Justice Fair

Thereby conveying the false and pernicious message that leftism and Judaism are synonymous:
In past years, the TDSB has acknowledged the month with different initiatives, such as last year’s essay contest, which asked students to write about a Jewish figure who contributed to Canadian culture. 
“This year, the committee came up with the idea of celebrating tikkun olam. It’s a long beloved Jewish concept from the Mishnah, but it’s also very universal, because to fix the world means social justice. We’re proud because a lot of our schools have a real focus on social justice,” said Shari Schwartz-Maltz, media relations and issues manager at the TDSB and one of the board’s Jewish Heritage Month committee members. 
The fair will be the biggest Jewish Heritage Month event the TDSB has undertaken thus far, Schwartz-Maltz said, and their hope is to make an impact.
"A long beloved Jewish concept"--that has been completely misinterpreted and hijacked by Jews who think that "tikkun olam" is all there is to Judaism (and who think the world at large will be more inclined to like us because "tikkun olam"/social justice is our raison d'etre).

Here's the truth about "tikkun olam," that beloved Jewish concept from the Mishnah, that in all likelihood the TDSB won't be teaching:
We cannot, and are not instructed to, save the world, or even to repair it. Judaism teaches no such thing. Rather, we are instructed to conduct ourselves properly, to observe the Mitzvos, the Commandments (which are not good deeds, but rather commandments, required imperatives), and in that way to contribute to society and civilization both by example and through practice and action. 

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