Monday, August 8, 2016

Green Party Signs Its Own Death Warrant By Embracing BDS

Just wanted to "salute" the Green Party of Canada for embracing BDS, the movement to punish Israel financially for the "crime" of failing to achieve the impossible, i.e. placate Palestinians and their self-righteous, usefully idiot infidel supporters by ending the "Occupation" (of Israel by sovereign Jews).

Instrumental in passing this pro-punishment resolution was a gaggle of Juden seeking to distance themselves from iniquitous Zion (a move reminiscent of German Jews who, in the Hitler era, sought--and failed--to distance themselves from Ostjuden).

These ardent individuals style themselves as "Independent Jewish Voices," or IJV. A more accurate name for them, though, is Anti-Zionist Jewish Quislings (AZJQ). And little do these "social justice"-loving fools realize that by signing up for Israel-hate, the Jew-hate of our time, they have ensured their own party's demise (history having demonstrated again and again that any version of "the longest hatred" is a corrosive which inevitably destroys its host).

Way to go Green Jews!

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