Monday, August 15, 2016

Toronto Sun Editorial Undermined and (Almost) Undone By Clueless "Pearl"

In an otherwise cogent editorial in the Toronto Sun criticizing Elizabeth May's Green Party for supporting BDS, one discovers this toxic little "pearl":
[May's] opposition to BDS is not an endorsement of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Indeed even many Israelis object to that. 
Israel's treatment of the Palestinians? What about Hamas's and Fatah's treatment of them--the way their leaders leverage the populace's "suffering" in order to line their own pockets with aid money and fan the flames of global Israel-hate?

What about Hamas's ongoing construction of terror tunnels and Stinky Abbas's naming streets after fanatical Jew-killers?

What about the jihad being waged against Israel (for having the temerity to claim its right to exist on land claimed for Islam and Allah) and the entire West?

And what about the fact that the Israelis who "object" to Israel's "treatment" of those bent on its destruction are lefties whose anti-Zionism is fully in synch with the Green Party's? (Indeed, many of those responsible for bringing the anti-Israel resolutions to the table at the Green Party convention were anti-Zionist Jews.)

So many questions engendered by one tiny thought and nary an answer in sight.

Update: The Next Generation of Killers (in Gaza)

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