Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Double Standard Still Holds: Obama Launders Money for the Ayatollah, and It's Okey-Dokey

As Charles Krauthamer points out, had the CEO of a company (and not the CiC of America) enganged in such illegal hanky-panky, he would be in jail. But since it's Obama & Co., it's thumbs up and high fives all 'round.

Update: As a public service, Roger L. Simon suggests a template for who benefited financially from Obama's Iran-Cashra scheme:
$40 million off the top - Ayatollah Khamenei (Godfather always gets his cut)
$30 million - other mullahs as per rank 
$85 million - Revolutionary Guard to be distributed to officials and used for "projects" across globe
$5 million -  Basij, to keep the peasants happy and the city folks scared
$75 million - Hezbollah -- to be directed by the Revolutionary Guard and only for use against Israel, Kurds and whatever are left of U.S. Syrian allies
$5 million - personal to Hassan Nasrallah -- the Hezbollah leader has been having a tough time of late, got to keep him in line
$25 million - Hamas, to keep them in line, also finance tunnels and rockets into Israel
$15 million - al Qaeda... shush, you're not supposed to think they aid al Qaeda because they're Sunni but they do

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