Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jew-Haters' Auschwitz Obsession a Big Hit--In Belgium AND Iran

So nice to see two deranged Jew-haters with such immense "talent" finally receiving their due:
The faculty at a Catholic school in Belgium is actually proud of Luc Descheemaeker, a recently retired teacher at the Sint-Jozefs Institute in the city of Torhout, for winning a “special prize” this past May at the Second International Holocaust Cartoon Contest held in Tehran. 
The former “plastic arts and cultural sciences” teacher won for his art piece featuring the words “arbeit macht frei” — German for “work sets you free,” which was emblazoned at the  entrance of the infamous Auschwitz — “over a wall with guard posts — presumably comparing Israel’s security barrier along Judea and Samaria […],” according to Arutz Sheva
As if Deschumcker's "art piece" wasn't nutty enough (especially when you consider that the guard posts at Auschwitz were meant to keep Jews in--so they could be gassed to death by Jew-haters--while the Israeli security fence, little of which is actual "wall," is meant to keep Jew-haters out, so they can't kill Jews), wait'll you hear about the 'toon that got the top award:
The contest’s first prize winner was a drawing of a cash register in the shape of Auschwitz...
The implication being--what? That Auschwitz was a cash cow for Jewry?

Deschmucker and his fellow Auschwitz-obsessive should both get a prize, alright--the Arbeit Macht Stupid prize.

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