Friday, August 12, 2016

PM Trudeau Successfully Keeps the Jihad Out of Yesterday's Police Take Down of a Jihadi

So far Justin Trudeau, who is currently en vacance with the wife and kids, has issued but one lame comment--on Twitter--about the Canadian jihadi who didn't get to blow up the Toronto Transit system. "On behalf of Canadians," tweeted the twit, "we thank the @rcmpgrcpolice for their work in Strathroy yesterday. Your service ensures our safety each & every day."

Sure, that's about as generic and non-specific as it gets, but you have to put it in the context of our idiot PM's thinking on the subject of ISIS and those who embrace it (my bolds):
PM Trudeau made his ISIS strategy clear at an interview with Global National anchor Dawna Friesen in December, 2015. When Friesen asked Trudeau “If God forbid there was an attack on Canada like the one in Paris would that change the equation for you?”, Trudeau said the following: 
“Obviously, we are working very hard to both insure that Canadian safety, but also not to give in to the narrative that ISIS wants. 
“I mean, if they are posting beheadings on the internet and using advanced videos as recruiting tools, one of things that they need, they need people to be terrorized by terror, they need people to be afraid, people need to be polarized, and that what they are trying to do. 
“They would love for us to suddenly be afraid, be more afraid and close in and create walls because that makes it easier for them to achieve their goals. We have to be courageous and confident while we protect Canadians.”
So true (that the only thing we have to fear is Justin Trudeau's useful idiocy itself).


Moe said...

"On behalf of Canadians," tweeted the twit,...

Apart from the fact that Trudope never speaks for me, what makes him think that Twitter is the appropriate place to be commenting in any official capacity and supposedly representing us?

scaramouche said...

The thing with Trudeau is that it doesn't much matter which vehicle he chooses to use to express himself. At least on Twitter we're spared the plentiful "ums" he employs when speaking off the cuff on TV or radio.