Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lost In Translation: CBC Radio Renders the Traditional JIhadi War Cry in English

Today in Belgium, a jihadi wielding a machete attacked two female police officers. Here's how it's reported on the CBC News site:
Two female officers were attacked and wounded by a man wielding a machete and shouting "Allahu akbar" outside the main police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi on Saturday, police said. 
The assailant was shot by a third officer and later died of his wounds, authorities said. The attacker's identity and motive were not immediately known, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said, but added the "first indications" suggested it was an act of terrorism.
On CBC radio just now, however, the news reader said the man shouted--wait for it--"God is great."

Which, you have to admit, doesn't sound nearly as threatening (or as Arabic) as "Allahu Akbar," although it does sound really, really stupid (as does the contention that the man's "motive" is not yet known).

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