Monday, August 8, 2016

WTF? Washington Times Article Tries to Drum Up Sympathy for World Vision Gaza Exec Accused of Engaging in Humaniterrorism

Is this one a function of the paleo-Right's anti-Zionism, perhaps?

Many Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are bracing for the fallout as authorities prepare to lay out the case against Mohammed El Halabi, the chief executive of World Vision and one of the most prominent aid executives in the territory. (World Vision)
Mohammed El Halabi, World Vision fixture and accused Hamas-funder,
schmoozes with some adorable Palestinian moppets in happier times.

Update: P. David Hornik writes:
However the case with Muhammad Halabi will play out, and whatever will or will not be revealed about World Vision’s relationship with this official, the problem with World Vision and many other aid organizations lies in a dogmatic insistence on viewing Palestinians as victims and Israelis as aggressors—a dogmatism that appears impervious to real humanitarian and moral considerations.   
In this case as in many others, as Israeli commentator Ariel Bolstein notes, “When devout Christian worshippers in churches across the U.S. donated a dollar or two to ‘those poor children,’ the smiling faces on the receiving end were Hamas terrorists in Gaza."

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