Thursday, August 11, 2016

White Dudes and ISIS--It's a Gang Thang

When I saw a photo of Aaron Driver, the ISIS-supporter who had been planning to unleash a major act of jihadi terrorism, and who was killed by the cops before he had the chance to do so, I thought, "Wow, is that dude ever white."

So white, in fact, that one would expect him to have signed up with, say, skinheads/neo-Nazis and not will Allah's a-holes.

And, whadya know? Driver had previously expressed sentiments that would have put him firmly in the white power camp:
In a calm and collected tone, Aaron Driver told CBC News last year that he didn't think Muslims belonged in the West and that their ways of life weren't compatible with Canada's. 
In a nearly 90-minute phone conversation in June 2015 the then-23-year-old ISIS supporter, who was living in Winnipeg at the time, spoke about his beliefs. 
"If a country goes to war with another country or another people or another community, I think that they have to be prepared for things like [the Parliament Hill shooting] to happen," Driver said. 
"And when it does happen they shouldn't, they shouldn't act surprised. They had it coming for them; they deserved it."...
So what would make someone like that want to take up with ISIS?

Well, you don't hear about skinhead neo-Nazi types wreaking havoc and mayhem on a terrified populace, do you? Who would want to side with those slackers/non-entities when you could feel part of the biggest, baddest gangbangers on the planet, even it happened to be full of Muslims?

Update: Sounds like Aaron Driver, a.k.a. Harun Abdurahman (and I don't mean the noodles) may have been planning to bomb the Toronto transit system.

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