Monday, August 15, 2016

Trudeau Gov't Plans to Squander $35 Million Fighting "Extremism"

How do we know it'll amount to, at best, pouring money down the drain and, at worst, empowering the wrong people (like, say, NCCM)? You can pretty much read it between these lines, which speak of "de-radicalization" and reaching those who are "vulnerable" to it, but never once mention the words "Islam," "Islamic," "jihad" or "jihadis":
Ottawa will spend $35 million over five years to fund programs that reach out to vulnerable people open to radicalization in a bid to prevent terror attacks in Canada.
The federal government will establish a national centre for de-radicalization that will coordinate efforts across Canada to fight extremism.  
Most of the money will go to groups and organizations at the community level that are best equipped “to intervene in the right way, with the right tools and at the right time,” Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale said on Monday. 
Goodale visited Montreal’s de-radicalization centre to learn what the centre is doing to help young people who are vulnerable to extremism and violence. 
Last week, police stopped an alleged terrorist attack by an Ontario man who had become radicalized. The FBI informed the RCMP about a martyrdom video that Aaron Driver made pledging allegiance to ISIS. 
“The events of the last week or so have demonstrated in Canada that we need to get better and better and better at understanding and dealing with the serious issue of radicalization,”Goodale said...
Well, Ralph, a willingness to actually say the above-cited verboten words out loud would be a good--no, an essential--first step.

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