Friday, August 5, 2016

Passengers Find "Nasty-Looking Knife" on Board Air Canada Flight

Don't worry, though. It belonged to an Air Canada employee and not a wannabe jihadi:
As Glenn Deir sat down on a St. John’s to Toronto flight Saturday morning next to his wife, he could tell something more than the tight legroom was making her uncomfortable. 
Deborah Youden, who had been “squirming,” was sitting on a folded four-inch pocket knife. 
“We opened the blade and it’s this nasty-looking knife . . . with a serrated edge,” Deir said, noting Youden had been patted down at random by security before boarding, so it couldn’t have been hers. 
“We said, ‘How in the name of God did this get on the plane?’ ”...
The knife turned out to have been dropped by an employee who had been working on the plane before the flight, Air Canada said.
“We can confirm it is a tool that an AC employee was using to repair a seat onboard the aircraft and not a security breach,” said company spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick in an email. “In fact, the employee was still onboard the aircraft speaking to the captain when the tool was brought to the crew’s attention. All tools were removed before the flight departed.”
But Deir says the incident begs security questions about employee screening in airports. ...
No kidding.

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captcraig said...

It's just a f#&@ing tool!What a load of tosh, common sense is gone,sheesh!