Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Head of Ontario's Totalitarian "Human Rights" Racket Has Spoken: Use Those "Trans" Pronouns ("Ze" and "Hir")--Or Else

Her nibs, Renal Mundane, lays down the law (my bolds):
“Refusing to address a trans person by their chosen name and a personal pronoun that matches their gender identity, or purposely misgendering, is discrimination when it takes place in a social area covered by the Code (employment, housing, and services like education).”
And what's likely to happen to anyone who is foolish enough to, er, purposely misgender? They will feel the heavy hand--nay, the iron fist--of the "human rights" apparatus:
“Organizations have a legal duty to take positive steps to prevent and respond to discrimination. A tribunal or court may order financial or other remedies.”
 Yes, Comrade Mundane. Whatever you say, Comrade Mundane.


Bill said...

My personal pronoun is now "venerated"

scaramouche said...

Works for me.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Commissars banned pronouns altogether (for being "bigoted" and "discriminatory").

Jaxter said...

Is this really happening or is it just a bad dream...Personal Pronoun Re-education School?