Saturday, December 26, 2009

Brits Reject 'Britishness'

After years of swallowing multicultural bilge can British authorities be at all surprised that Brits are soundly rejecting a government agit-prop roadshow touting "Britishness". (What, you mean "pip, pip, cheerio, old bean," and "stiff upper lip" and Rule Brittannia and all that stuff that's so passe in the land that gave the West the Magna Carta but that has now enshrined sharia law?) The timesonline reports on the fiasco:
Gordon Brown’s national roadshow to promote the concept of Britishness has turned out to be an expensive flop.

The public, councillors and even ministers have declined to attend events organised to determine if there is a case for a full British Bill of Rights and duties, or a written constitution.

The Conservatives say ten members of the public turned up to the first event in Leicester in December 2007, which cost £37,000 and was hosted by Jack Straw. They say that after that embarrassment, his Ministry of Justice restricted attendance at Governance of Britain events to people selected, and even paid, by the ministry.

They also claim that councillors have increasingly spurned the events. A total of 21 local authority representatives turned up in Leicester, but attendance fell at subsequent events to 11, then 10, 7 and 2. Finally, at an event in Newcastle on November 21 this year no councillors or officials turned up.

Even ministers are understood to have snubbed the roadshow. Nick Brown, the Labour Chief Whip and Minister for the North East, pulled out of last month’s event. Michael Wills, the Justice Minister, who had attended the previous events, also failed to attend.

Eleanor Laing, the Shadow Justice Minister, said: “Since 2007 we have had gimmick after gimmick on what it means to be British . . . Now, the public has spoken: Gordon Brown’s Britishness roadshow is a colossal waste of money. With the public finances in a mess, any plans for an even bigger nationwide non-event should be scrapped now.”...

How pathetic. And how telling. The Brits are rejecting Gordon Brown's dog-and-pony show because they already know what it means to be British. It means young people getting soused and puking up their innerds; it means a vulgar and ugly junk culture exemplified by watermelon-bazoomed slattern Katie Price (a.k.a. Jordan); it means a humungous mosque springing up in Londonistan; it means a pathological loathing of oneself, one's country and the world's one and only Jewish country.
Did I forget anything?

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