Monday, December 21, 2009

Scary Nazi Alert

An Official Jew tweets this and this, offering "kudos" to the Canadian who single-handedly kept Section 13 (the state censorship provision of Canada's "human rights" code) a going concern, and observing that the conviction of one racist thug in the U.S. offers "more proof that neo-Nazis (are) a danger."

A greater danger than shutting down free speech for good so that you can have the illusion of feeling safe? I think not.

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Yariv said...

I love your absolute comparisions. A Nazi thug with a violent history who threatens Judges, jurrors, civil rights workers with assasination on line by giving out their home addresses and demanding these people be mrdered vs the COMPLETE shutdown of free speech.

I have never heard Farber or Dimant or any "official Jew" claim they wanted the complete shut down of free speech. That of course is just one of your per usual and ongoing lies.

I have however seen the threats White has dished out. I have also seen the havoc created by Neo-Nazis lately in Canada from Calgary to Barrie Ont.

Keep on with your self delusion that neo-Nazis are yesterday's news.

Oh and honestly I never put much stock on whoever it was here that claimed you were stalking Farber after you posted this latest screed I went over your old posts. And yes you are engaged in cyber-stalking Farber. Virtually every time he tweets or says anything even the most inconsequential word you are on top of him. Good to see you have so much free time on your hands