Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas. Israel Sucks

That's Ceeb correspondent Margaret Evans's essential message to us, the folks back home, this holiday. As Maggie surveys the night's festivities in Bethlehem--and things sure seem to be booming, with tourists galore--she is sure to mention how "intimidated" people feel because of Israel's security (the same security which has faciliated the tourist boom--funny how she doen't mention that), how Christians are leaving (she blames Israel for the departures when in fact Muslim persecution is behind it) and the "solidarity" that the locals feel with the poor folks of Gaza, who were invaded by those mean, agressive Israelis on December 27th 2008. (I was hoping to be able to post Maggie's previous report from Bethlehem during the day because it was so unintentionally amusing. There she was, with a marching band playing and crowds of people milling about, and everyone seeming to have a wonderful time. Everyone, that is, save Maggie. She had what my mother-in-law would call "a fuss on her face," and proceeded to tell us how awful everything was. The contrast between doom-and-gloom Maggie, who looked and sounded as though her puppy had just died, and the revelry around her was hilarious; apparently, the atmosphere had a salutary effect on her mood, and she ended up cheering up a bit for her evening report.  It also spoke volumes about the Ceeb's M.O. vis a vis the Jewish state--i.e. take every opportunity to crap all over it, even when the opportunity is less than opportune.)

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