Thursday, December 31, 2009

IslamoNazis on Parade in Multicultiville

Robert Spencer (in FrontPage) picks up on last Sunday's Gaza Freedom March/Judenrein's Divine "protest". (Anything about the Hezbo flag and Hitler salutes in the mainstream media or on the Ceej website yet? That would be a big fat "nope" followed by another big fat "nope". However, if you're so inclined you can read about how the Ceej alterted folks to the egregious Judenhass on display at last January's Toronto Gaza "protest"--highlighted as one of its "top ten" achievements of '09.)


Mitka said...

Hey Scary, farber posted the pic of the Nazi salute yesterday on Twitter. Get with the program gal!!!

Mitka said...

Scary are you and BCF the same person? He also makes allusions to there being something wrong with the ceej exposing Islamofacism.

So for the dimwitted, CJC and CIC (Canada Israel Committee) held a press conference in January 09 where they both released a video of the first Gaza march.

The video was 90% their videographer so where they used other sources they were properly referenced. The video ran for months on the cjc website.

Not sure why anyone but you and BCF would complain about exposing Islamofacists. Oh of course some of the video was shot and placed on youtube by Mrs. BCF Shaidle but woe is her no one paid any attention that is until the CJC and CIC held their presser.

Man you guys are, as has been noted, petty.

winnifred martin said...

Sad to say Scaramouche that Mitka is quite right. Farbewr indeed did Twitter this.

scaramouche said...

As I was saying, there's nothing on the Ceej site about it. (Sorry, a widdle "tweet" just isn't the same.)

Unknown said...