Sunday, December 20, 2009

Planet-Lover Uses the "H" Word to Describe Unsatisfactory Copenhagen Deal

Some, er, Earth-lovers are upset because the bargain struck at Copenhagen wasn't nearly as comprehsive as they would have liked, reports the timesonline. One country in particular--the one that's home to machete-wielding Arabs dedicated to genocide and rapine--is really miffed:
...The deal was denounced when put early yesterday to a plenary session of the conference after Obama and other heads of state had flown home.

Delegates from Sudan, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia — who form an anti-American front — led the attack.

A Sudanese delegate, Lumumba Di-Aping, caused uproar when he compared the plan with the Holocaust. It was, he said, “a solution based on the same very values, in our opinion, that piled 6m people into furnaces in Europe”...
I do so enjoy hearing someone from Sudan talk about "values," especially since his country's "values" include barbarities that would make Atilla the Hun and Adolf Hitler blush.

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