Thursday, December 31, 2009

'Free Gaza'

Yes, that's that it says on the useful idiot's sign. But let's think on that for half a sec, shall we? In a rational world, "Free Gaza" would have to mean gaining one's freedom from Hamas, the genocidal jihadi terrorist organization that's in cahoots with the genocidaires of Iran, and that has controlled the territory ever since Israelis (delusionally) thought that making it Judenrein was the way to effect a genuine, lasting "peace". But to the Western stupey-dupes bent on ending Israel's "blockade" (and Israel), "Free Gaza" means the joint is supposed to be "liberated" from the nefarious Joooos (who, er, aren't even in charge).

Happy New Year, stupey-dupes. Despite all the hard work you've put in giving aid and comfort to Hamas, member in good standing of the great global jihad and the enemy of the entire civilized world, AM YISRAEL CHAI, suckers!

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Josephine said...

When I was on the anti-Israel side of Sunday's protest, I could hear the pro-Israel side chanting, "Free Gaza -- from Hamas!"

Oddly enough, the anti-Israel folks just scrunched up their faces and ignored it.

If they really cared about the Gazans and West Bankians, they'd have joined in.