Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ride on the 'Peace' Train

The Web elf has a lengthy post about "Reviving the Islamic Spirit," the annual conference taking place in Toronto this weekend. According to an article he cites from the Toronto Star, the event has attracted 17,000 souls. They have come, saith the Star, "to find a way to practise their religion in a broader, secular, democratic society" and, further,
It is about "living the ideas of being a Muslim and being true to your faith but as part of a broader society," said Nadir Shirazi, one of the organizers of the conference and the CEO of a diversity training company. "We are, after all, part of a broader community of Canadians."
You got that right, Nadir. And the best way to be true to your faith in the broader society (a.k.a. Dar al Harb, that portion of the world that is not yet under Islam's thumb) is to spread it far and wide--hence the conference's tagline, which oddly enough, doesn't show up in the Star's article: "SOS: saving the ship of humanity."

Funny, but to this kaffir's ears that doesn't sound like Muslims aim to be merely be one strand in our glorious multiculti tapestry. Sounds to me like, given their druthers, they want one colour--green--to predominate.

But, hey, maybe that's just me being sensitive. Maybe the roster of renowned Islamists who spoke to the crowd--including former folk  "Cat"/noted Hamas enthusiast Yusuf Islam and slippery Salafist Tarik Ramadan--urged the faithful to "build bridges," and eschew the supremacism that's written into Islamic doctrine, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the many, many infidel groups in the broader society.

And maybe the moon is made of gorgonzola, Obama's middle name is really "Chaim" and there is such a thing as anthropogenic climate change.

Binks mentions what I'm sure is a freaky coinkydink--the fact that tomorrow there is going to be a pro-Hamas "protest" march to Toronto's Israeli consulate. I wonder how many of the conference attendees--remember there are 17,000 of them--will turn out for it. (I do so enjoy those "peaceful" protests, the ones where the "peaceniks" shout out such "pacific" greetings as "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!" and "Jewish child you're gonna f**king die!" Well, after all, how is one to "save" humanity's ship from sinking whilst a wicked Jewish entity yet squats like a wee iceberg in the bosom of Dar al Islam?)

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Keep on posting. Most Canadians have no idea of the battle ahead.